Affiliate Marketing Failure Rate

Owning an affiliate marketing business today can have a downside and the failure rate is one of them. When people tell you that it’s easy to accumulate money through ads and search engine optimization I can honestly tell you with the number of affiliate businesses running on the internet today that make money and those that don’t they are outnumbered by the small amount of those that have mastered it, those that have spent years learning it. I’ve got lot’s to mention in this post so take a chair and listen carefully.

What’s Wrong with Affiliate Marketing? … Affiliate Fraud- Publishers may falsify their conversion numbers, such as by programming bots to click on their ads repeatedly which is not a way to beat the failure rate. Clients may refuse to pay for such fraudulent results, but only if they can prove they aren’t legitimate. In knowing these methods for clicks your hard work may seem a waste of time but steer far away from this practice and you’ll be fine to implement a good online affiliate business that tells the truth about a product and runs inline with programs you choose to promote.

Believe me, I know the facts on this and have mentioned them on other posts I have written. Keep it real, honest and from the heart by treating your audience as a friend and really finding something that fits directly into the niche your love, know a lot about and can implement into your content to sell. The failure rate only becomes active when we lose originality.

Affiliate Marketing Failure Rate

Affiliate Marketing Isn’t for Everyone

Affiliate marketing isn’t for everyone and the affiliate failure rate is extremely high. I can only write this after I was once a success after a lot of failures and even with this website I’m up against excellent written websites a lot about been my competition which is where most new affiliates become demotivated with the lack of activity on their website through competition.

There are far too many other websites with the same message, with the same content and using the same funnels. The bottom line is simple to keep your content original and from the heart. Write your posts like a true pro and learn how to implement well-structured keywords and phrases for your audience.

When you’re writing your content think about your customer’s needs and what they really want to buy, what are these people looking for and how you can help them with your own content and product that is better than the masses on the internet. It takes a lot of originality to become a success but it can be done.

TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS LIKE YOUR BEST FRIENDS. Your content will become interesting for them to grasp on to, make them interested and gain that trust you will need to find success in sales. Offer gifts such as books, Newsletters or even a free trial if your program allows this.

One example of this could be something like the guys down at Wealthy Affiliate a platform for affiliate marketers that give you a free trial, then upon the premium version almost unlimited training to become an affiliate marketer.

It’s a little outdated in places but the real core needs for training are there and it’s continuously being updated by the members for the members so there is a lot of nice friends and companions on that platform.

Check Out Some Affiliate Programs

Here are some Affiliate programs that pay a decent payback. There are millions more so don’t just go by name and how much they make because there are lots of affiliates programs that wish to have you grow with their success so you are growing with their program and being on top of conversions. As a top earner brings you closer to stars where people begin to notice your work.

  1. Clickfunnels. Commission amount: $40% recurring. …
  2. Hammacher Schlemmer. Commission amount: Most items 8% …
  3. Hubspot. Commission amount: Up to $1000 for each product purchased. …
  4. Improvely. Commission amount: Up to $1400. …..
  5. Shopify Plus.

As long as your product/solution/service is relevant within the target audience and niche, affiliate marketing as well as referral programs will still be a thing and profitable in 2020. The reason most affiliate marketing programs don’t work is because they’re irrelevant, too pushy or just can’t see the point that paying out millions will gain them far more popularity and capital. Affiliates should be rewarded with some great salespeople already earning 6 figures.

Creating a new mindset is the strategy that works with affiliate marketing from where all you think about is the next product, post or sale. Don’t let this take over your life it’s not worth it but take it as a learning curb.

Implement google and Bing analysis into your daily strategy to see where your traffic is coming from. Be a writer and master Facebook ads, don’t be scared about Google changing their algorithms or Facebook ads platform trying to stay ahead. One day this will all change as I believe it is right now for a new search engine to master the whole web and people like you and I becoming far better.

Don’t ever be beaten by failure to adapt to affiliate marketing because it can be fun. I’m learning every day as most do and even though at times it’s hard I keep going whatever hurdles I need to get over. If it takes you a year it’s a year that is extremely valuable to you when in the future you could be teaching others how you accomplished your successful businesses through lots of hard work too.

Taking into account a variety of factor that on average affiliate commission rate should be somewhere between 5% to 30%. With a high conversion rate, you could be earning at least a few thousand dollars after 6 months a year and if it isn’t happening it’s not because you are a failure, you just need to take a look at your content, niche and mind frame to see what changes you can make will change the future. Become an expert and search out to become an entrepreneur in this game of internet revenue.

A failure rate becomes more frequent with lack of originality and faith to win. Winning is a must and you should spend time by researching keywords, learning content implementation and customer needs.

Affiliate marketing failure rates are high but like being at school you became able to write and learn. Don’t give in to something that could see your life change financially if you continuously put into your business what you need to succeed. If you want to know how to improve your situation and learn with like-minded people that help each other contact me below and we’ll get you started on a new plan for you to be with people that succeed every day.

You can also become a part of our team at Wealthy Affiliate when you take up a week’s free training to become a full out affiliate marketer that can make a business work with unlimited training within the platform.

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