Adelaide Bound (Barossa Valley)

Picking grapes, winding down, getting a tan and getting paid for it.

The next section will include a few months picking grapes, working on a farm and also my trip back to Thailand and then home to save for my trip back to Thailand to study and then begin teaching and building internet businesses that brings me where I am today with me mentoring you to become a business owner, teaching online.

In between working in Thailand and travelling over the years during schools holidays and the many years after I’ve travelled to over 80 cities and 32 countries and worked in South Korea, Thailand, Bangladesh, China and many more places away from teaching.

Thanks for reading my travel blog that touched no where close to the times after when I put my marketing days from Australia into practice online when I eventually moved back to Thailand to work and start several internet businesses all based around travel and online shops. Don’t think you can’t do it when you can so get out the bubble and out the Que of success and join my training to start your own business today.

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TEFL Art-Training with Freedom to Roam Marketing

Stephen Peter Jones