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I guess everyone has dreams, our lives are all different for many the same but our overall existence is to maintain a life that we can at least control for the future of those close to us to love us and understand us. It is common to lead our lives with what we have learned as children but for me, it was the later years. These days that’s hard to maintain due to the hard structure of a system that controls us called society.

Been successful has many attributes in what we set out to achieve to be a result. If you have taken an exam and failed you have still succeeded in various ways such as turning up for the exam, taking the exam and studying for it. If you fail anything there is always a lesson to have been learned.

I grew up part of a publican lifestyle born in a pub and those times for me are implanted in my mental state today and how I remember those days from as early as even four years old in pre-school nursery. I grew up in Alvechurch a small village close to the outskirts of Birmingham, UK a small friendly village with a little as a few shops and a school with one tiny train station and park. I had moved here from a town called Redditch where I was born in a small pub which is still operating today.

It’s hard to comprehend but I have been kicking stones all my life and wondering what it all meant to me to achieve my one ambition. I personally believe to achieve a person needs to go out and find answers as mentioned on my blog and place them into a clear vision. My life never allowed this as fast as I had wanted but of course, it wasn’t until recently that it all made sense and with all those years of experience to pass on to my friends and worldwide audience.

Everyone has something special about them and sometimes it’s that one thing you thought was the negative part of you that later you understood to be positive. You can take a back seat all your life and learn, watch grow and organize but you have to understand it doesn’t have to take to much time to get started like me to find the one answer.

In 2002 my life took a huge change and that change ultimately allowed me to find answers and unfold the true spiritual meaning that was taught to me through an extremely spiritual and exhausting learning curb I had to take to write about my story and deliver it to my audience today.

My true aim in life was to be excepted into a real-life foreign community that never knew me personally but could see me as a well-balanced, honest, fun-loving confident person. Once these important contributions had been maintained I was placed on the routes of this community which coincided with my daily life thereafter. Spiritually I was lifted into a new enlightenment, rewarded and set free into a whole new momentum.

Jump into my new community from where you can learn more about me and meet new members that also have stories of meaningful and positive attributes that are the true message inside our community to continue until success prevails our true existence to travel and work when and wherever we want.If you noticing that everything these days in done online you wont be far off so I’m inviting you in to my Facebook group about starting an online business from scratch.

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