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Welcome to Freedom to Roam Marketing, I’m Stephen from the United Kingdom and want to introduce myself to the world, I feel it’s important for those who follow me to understand my life and what I do and did as an affiliate marketer some years ago.

I’ve been implementing affiliate marketing websites for online revenue for some years but had to take a break due to illness. I have been the proud owner of a hotel booking system for a business I created for affiliate marketing in partnership with Agoda Travel which is what carved my way for how I am today.

The funny thing is I have never sold Viagra online or health plans which seemed the norm when living and teaching in Thailand for those that had no real plan, I hear you giggle but it’s true and I laugh at the fact it happened.

Like most entrepreneurs, I locked myself in and worked damn hard for a year to create an online business called Thailand Treasure Trove, a hotel booking system. I’ve owned a silver jewellery online store in Thailand and a travel forum. Today I believe in helping people reach their ultimate goals in affiliate marketing to create great content-driven websites that work as a key to earn a great living online.

You too could live the laptop lifestyle too. That’s right I placed my laptop into a bag to take a year off from home to travel and work around the world and you can do this too. I never returned home for 18 months after I left the United Kingdom and I left with hardly any money.


about me

Travel The World | Online Affiliate Business

In Australia, I picked some more marketing skills up from a company I worked for in Crow’s Nest, North Sydney from where 40 of us British backpackers sold holidays on cruise liners. It was the most fantastic time with nights out almost every night and lots of new marketing skills to throw at my businesses later on in Thailand where my affiliate marketing skills began to unfold.

I’ve travelled the world quite a lot through teaching English after Australia and had some fantastic times. I lived in Thailand as mentioned for 5 years from where most earlier internet marketing and website driven traffic came from with customers either buying silver jewellery or booking a hotel.

My travel forum was for those that wanted to learn more about travelling to Thailand in general and what better place to implement all this than in Thailand, where I lived. I was laughing all the way to the bank back in those days and happy how my life ended up even though there were some downbeat sides to it but I learned from those two.

I even taught English for some time in Thailand which was fantastic and with my internet knowledge and second income coming from my affiliate businesses I can say I was a happy chap. These days I’m working from home with the occasional week or two away in Europe until next year when my world travel itinerary will be placed on high demand for me to earn enough to continue my life of travel.

That’s my sole reason for introducing training through articles to teach about how to own your own affiliate marketing business so you can follow the methods. I’ve been there and I can take you through the correct needs and direction to become a successful online affiliate marketer with more motivation than you know.

Recovering from My Illness to Reach Out to You

I think I’ve mentioned I’ve recovered from a long-term mental illness and proud of where it has left me for a future once again in online marketing. I’m sure all this came from overworking back in the days on the internet, but I know the schedule now and limit myself somewhat.

If youโ€™re thinking your life will never reach past a 9-5 job think again and find that motivational drive in you to reach out for a business you can take anywhere with you to afford the things you love, do the things you have dreamed of and then plan for the next dream to come true too.

My reason for being here is to help others that are starting out or need extra help in affiliate marketing and online sales. I want to teach you how to build a business, monetise it and live off the revenue. All you have to do is build a great customer base website, make lots of new like-minded friends and live the life you want with some hard work to become an entrepreneur.

I started out some months back with a company called Wealthy Affiliate that allow you one weeks’ training and a free hosted website. The training is more about how to set your websites up and begin to learn how to earn and learn.

It’s a great idea to receive the training so that you can get started with your very own affiliate marketing website and business. I’m running several websites now two with Wealthy Affiliate and one that I use to recruit English teachers which I will be working on later this year. Please think about beginning your journey with Wealthy Affiliate and watch my video.

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22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wow.

    You’ve had quite the journey, I must admit. Your story carries with it, a whole lot of motivational drive . the kind that makes one stay determined even through tough and trying times. I’m glad you recovered from the illness and now back on track. May I ask though, what working schedule do you believe is ideal? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Rhian,

      I think three hours a day is good but I’m working all weekend every weekend at the moment as I have group meetups with friends to show them how to do an online business start-up in the week. I used to work from dusk till dawn from 8 am until 8 pm but that’s how I got ill so now I work as and when I feel good enough to be in the mood to write good content. With my job, it’s not really about writing reviews more about driving traffic to WA.

      Please read this to help you! Conquer the Negativity for Your Affiliate Marketing to Success

  2. I am happy you are not relenting regardless health issues and all. So many people would give up because of such. However, affilaite marketing is a really nice online business idea and i am very familiar with it. Some people fail as a result of little knowledge of it before venturing into it. I hope to see some really exciting article from your site. Cheers.

    1. Hi Rod,

      selling a dream is never easy because so many people have been promised that hence I did a WA  scam article to see what would happen from where I kept people guessing if it was or not but from the third paragraph  I had to tell people the truth mode that it is the best place for the nicest people or those that want to change that have been ripped off on other platforms or those that have some time and love for others.

      In Friendship 


  3. Hi Stephen,
    Thank you for sharing your story with us. You seems very strong person and it’s awesome that you have continued to follow your goals.
    I also want to work from my laptop and travel the world. So I will definitely come back to read your site content and learn how to do it.

    1. HI Panenva,

      ahh bless you my it’s all about not taking it all on in one day you’re young enough to give yourself at least a few months to achieve a little before you get the taste for a lot so take your time and you know I’m here for you at all times to support that. My advice for you is simple enough to just enjoy your journey and make it feel good for you until you give it your full attention and make a full-time income. I have a post for you to read before you go hope you like it it’s for you. Your Affiliate Marketing Accomplishment | A New You!

      In Friendship


  4. Hello Stephen,
    You really got my attention when you expressed how you left the United Kingdom with no money but your laptop in your bag. Although you did not give the details that followed, but I want to believe that al through you lived the laptop life style.

    I have read so many entrepreneurs claiming they rose to the moon in th twinkling of an eye, but I appreciate how you locked yourself for almost a year creating products that are beneficial to others

    1. Hi Parameter,

      I had to learn to unwind to start with mate and then traveled Southeast Asia for 7 weeks and then Ozz for a year where I began my journey into marketing with a marketing company from here I started a hotel booking system for Thailand in my own time which made enough mobey t travel for another year then I got ill and went back to Uk and lost the lot until now.

      I’m helping people with the harsh side of building a business to alleviate the hardship to make WA’s mission smoother. Don’t forget to read this post Do You Want to Quit Your Job for A Laptop Lifestyle?

      In Friendship


  5. I must say that you are someone with great goals and also someone who has great value place on his self. I see you have picked up a lot of skills over the years and it has really help you pull through……I like the fact that you have priorities…..For me this is a eye opener as a newbie I would know how to arrange this on my journey.

    1. Hi David,

      I have seen it all in affiliate marketing and lived abroad and done the laptop lifestyle stuff and have to say it’s the best life ever but I was so involved with it I forgot to go home for 5 years and by the time I did I was so far changed for my family and friends to communicate to they lost connection with me and still have, I an internet ghost. lol

      In Friendship


  6. Thank you for the posy. As a start up I like to read posts like this to keep me motivated. How long dit it take you to make it a full time job? I would like to leave my 9-5 and do affiliate marketing full time. Great work on getting through your medical condition. In today’s world with all yhe stress and running, it is easy to become ill,and very hard to get healed. 

    1. Hi Martin,

      It took me ages to get over my illness it was all due to my childhood and also my lifestyle when I was in my 20’s I was a bit of a raver dancing in fields but I’m sure you get my drift. I’m 100%  now just thinking about going to Mexico for a year to do some free teaching and working my online stuff from overseas. It took me a long time to get good business and I lost the lot once but I’m back now to make us all follow the right path.

      In Friendship


  7. Hi Stephen, Interesting to know about your long learning experience in affiliate marketing. Your never give up attitude will take you to new heights. You have made the right choice of pursuing affiliate marketing driven through content writing as people are continuously looking online for information to help them solve their problems.

    With your resolve to help people with affiliate marketing will make your online journey a rewarding one. Wishing you all success in your online journey.

  8. Hi Stephen! I have always wanted to visit Thailand. I love Thai food and have been getting acquainted with the culture. It’s nice to learn you have been supporting yourself working online while you have been there. It encourages me even more to build an online monthly stream of income.

    It was nice to get acquainted with you.

    1. Hi Ann,

      I miss Thailand so much after spending five years there and even now I can’t even imagine how much money I could have now had I have kept my hotel booking affiliate website for hotels in Thailand. I know you’re going to have to work hard Ann but I’m by your side if you need help just never ever give up.

      In friendship


  9. I was definitely cracking up over the viagra sales story!  

    On a more serious note, I’m glad that mental illness doesn’t have the stigma that it used to.  When we stare how we are feeling in the face and learn why we are feeling that way, it takes a lot of fear out of the situation and, opens us up to healing.

    While my reasons are many for starting my own online business, helping others was always my main focus.  I just have to practice taking care of myself as well as I treat others.  You can’t just say it or, think it, it has to be a practice.

    Thank you for sharing your story.  I also wanted to say I used to sell wholesale jewelry and beads from Thailand as well (before I ever had a computer lolz.)  I was able to give back large percentages of earnings to the creators and, their families.  I live my life in that vein and, it’s reflected in my online business as well.

    1. Hi Fyre,

      it seems me and you have a lot in common, I used to get my jewelry from Chiangmai in northern Thailand. Thanks for your support on the previous illness it still holds on to me but I shake it off now as I can control it thanks heavens. Yeah, that joke about Viagra that actually happened with the Thai’s on the floor above me as I went up to their floor and told then STFU after trying to get me to smoke some weed.

      No worries about sharing my story I’m opened minded and have time for others to read about me and for them to open up to me as you have a little. I kind of miss living in Thailand with my GF and our visits to JJ market to sell candles, yeh that’s right we had a candle business to lol

      Most of the people back in 2002 at some point were all selling something on the internet, oh if only I still have had my hotel booking website I would be laughing now but I’m doing ok as it stands so it’s all good. hey, Fyre keeps in touch mate I’m always up for a chat.

      In Friendship 


      1. Will do!
        It’s important we all support each other as best we can.
        Plus, laughter is just good medicine! If I don’t get my daily dose, I’m lost.

        I’m going to keep on keeping on right there with ya!

        1. Hi Fyre

          It’s really good to have a community that sticks together and helps out. I hope that your affiliate business goes well and that you find a good ranking on the search engines. Keep up with the training and you’ll get there soon.

          In Friendship


  10. hello dear,
    I must say that you did an amazing job on putting up so much effort in building such an amazing website, I love you seal and effort you’re putting up such a useful in each and I look forward to visiting your blog more often so that I could see what you got to offer.. keep up the good work and stay safe

    1. I have built quite a few websites this is my fave at the moment. I’ve put a lot of promotion for other businesses on my websites but for this website just one. Thanks for visiting my website and commenting. Stay safe too ๐Ÿ™‚

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