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Freedom to Roam Marketing is a digital affiliate marketing gateway for those that want to learn from over 150 posts of more than 1,000,000 words. Learn about me from where I also offer free training, a free domain name and a free fully hosted website from the world’s largest affiliate training community and platform online.  Receive free entrepreneur certification training to earn as you learn from over 120 free lessons for building an online affiliate business.

Freedom to Roam Marketing was created to help me learn everything about affiliate marketing based on the real ideology of creating great content so I can improve and help others learn and succeed.

Brand Guidelines

I know it is hard to believe in getting something for free. Even I can’t believe it three years ago when I restarted my affiliate business from where I thought my mind could not cope with the information overload, however, it has actually made me feel much better about myself.

Now I feel I am a great writer to create fantastic posts for those that want to learn from my online digital library. I have recovered and returned fresher and able to create content that delivers, sells and educates.

The platform I study affiliate marketing on offers a free fully hosted website that is secure and fully customisable via WordPress. You will get to choose your own fully hosted and secured domain name. If you like what you earn and love what you learn this is most certainly for you.

You have a choice of over 4000 WordPress themes to choose from and full access to the world’s largest online affiliate community that has a training platform to learn from, meet new friends and become a dedicated entrepreneur. Come give it a try, you have nothing to lose.

All you have to do is try it for free. If you are looking to be mentored then join me today and to top that off I will be able to mentor you about content structure and Keyword delivery.

Project Description

The creation of Freedom to Roam Marketing has helped me become something I thought I would never become. I am now writing daily about the lessons I have learned from a training course that has changed my life. I have never seen results come in as fast as they have and all because I took some free training with a community that cares and may I say I took the risk.

I used to be an English teacher which has given me a head start with writing, however, without solid training, my posts would never have reached 150 posts. I believe in those that believe in me, therefore, offer my website and knowledge for free.

If you would like to backlink or have me write for your website, please let me know. I will do a great job. If you have a project you would like to share with me, please reach out to me today we will make a great team.

If you are just starting out do not forget to invest some time to think about where you would like to be in three years’ time and write a list of the things you would love to achieve within those three years. By making a bucket list you are able to keep track of working until that list has been completed.

Content Instructions

Once you have trialled the platform I learned from you will become part of the community from where you have a decision to become a full member with all the training and full access to a great affiliate marketing training system. There is a saying in our community that we should not run before we walk so most of us work at our own pace through the training and set the pace for new learners to follow.

On the platform, you receive a fully operational website and all the training for around $499 a year. Do not forget you will get your trial period and training for free for a week and a discounted first month if you decide to move on from where you begin to earn while you learn.

There is no pressure to upgrade but I know that there is nowhere on the internet where you can get this amount of training with a community full of success and all the tools needed to win.

The best part for anyone that feels held back and doesn’t normally achieve at the highest level when let loose on content is the changing of status. Affiliate marketing is about teaching others the successful route to claim a piece of the billions that businesses are willing to pay for sales. Do you want your status to be an entrepreneur?

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Here’s a Little About Me

My name is Stephen Peter Jones and I’ve travelled lot’s over the years from where I was able to enjoy new languages, cultures and cuisines from around the world. I have lived in South Korea, Bangladesh, Thailand, China, and South Korea and travelled to many more countries around the world from where I have learned so much through teaching English.

In 2006 I suffered from a nervous breakdown that changed my life for the worse and it was unexpected to have felt so lonely in my life after such a great life of travel.

Since then I have also had a near-miss in a really bad car accident. I think someone must have been on my side through all of this but we all deserve a second third or fourth chance in life hence the reason I am here to guide you to success in the hope you don’t have to go through what I went through.

These days I’m excited to write again and share my stories from travel and other projects I have taken on to improve my writing skills and create website businesses that I love to share with the internet massive. Most of my website projects are about helping people. I miss teaching English and travelling, however, feel it’s something I have already achieved during my years overseas, therefore soon I will teach for a few weeks a year for free.

Join Today!There is so much to be learned from each other when we have experienced bad fortune and health issues and I believe talking and acknowledging each other’s problems, not just for today but more all the time because it is a great cure.

I hope you enjoy reading a little about me and to learn a little about Freedom to Roam Marketing which is a huge part of me. I hope you join me as one of my followers online. You can reach out to me here on this website via subscription where I will answer every email separately. You can subscribe from where I will give you details on how you can join our 1.4 million-strong community and find success.

Nothing can change you apart from yourself. I am a real believer that if you want more it’s about finding it and making it work. When you wish for more and see the real vision and direction of your own abilities you will continue to find success and will win when you least expect it.

About My Digital Marketing Library

I call Freedom to Roam Marketing a Digital Affiliate Marketing Library with easy-to-read updated posts about affiliate marketing on all levels from motivation to new marketing techniques and even a few posts about how to automate your business so you can move around and earn money on your travels. I have worked hard to incorporate that with what I have learned over the years for you to learn from. Nothing beats a bit of common inspiration above all needs.

This website is a means of finding the answers you need to start your own business online today. It’s far more than a goal for me it is an ambition and with my love of writing and delivering content to you for as long as it takes I will continue to run my businesses until I’m fully mobile and travelling again.

For now, I am working hard on several opportunities that have come my way, however, my primary need for this year 2023 is to welcome you to the freedom to Roam Marketing and the training platform I will suggest to you later. lets’s move on together and see what happens.

I’m extremely fond of learning to write about preparing for online marketing. I have become motivated. In fact, I can say as a keen and motivated writer that writes on a daily basis I am happy. This is something I never thought I had in me, however, as they say, you never know until you try. When you love your job 3/4 of your life is happy.

All About the Future

Laptop LifestyleI have other ideas for the future and I will succeed in completing my new ambitions to revive my life with a few more holidays and a new life abroad. However, there seems to be space for me to teach again. I used to teach English overseas as mentioned and by utilising the skills I already have and combining them with skills for teaching online I am becoming successful and therefore I am becoming a more positive more achievable and active person mentally overall.

There is no point in leaving your previous achievements behind you for them to vanish into the fresh air. All achievements should be close to your heart for the reason of the here-and-now motivation factor in knowing you will reach success in the future. I love to separate my time learning to make money online by giving my time to help others jump on board. It takes time, however, there is no time like the present.

If you feel this is you and you would love to demonstrate your expertise to me, show me your niche and give me some idea of what kind of online business you would like to have. Let me show you content-wise how I can help you. Please think about subscribing to all of my three websites for their training courses all affiliate marketing-based.

  1. Freedom to Roam Marketing
  2. The 20-Step Affiliate
  3. Born Affiliate

Happy Birthday to Freedom to Roam Marketing

Freedom to Roam Marketing is now reaching its third birthday as a new learning direction for others, however, I haven’t mentioned it’s moving towards almost two years since I created it as a limited company. I am now in 2022 updating content daily to interact with my other two (MMO) Making Money Online Training Websites

I love to see evidence that my work has reached many people. I express in all of my posts how I feel about the new marketing strategies and what is around the corner with affiliate marketing and what we should expect in the future.

Success is an excitement I wish to share with you in hope that one day you can have a following of internet starters that read posts that you have written. This in terms will help you become far more ready for what is around the corner. Then when you sense success you can create an about me page just like mine that tells the full story.

What do you want more in life than ever?

  1. Do you want a new car that looks, drives and shows charisma?
  2. Are you thinking about a new house that people would die for?
  3. Do you want more funds to study and increase your knowledge?
  4. Maybe you are one for travel and never want to settle down, think about it.

All of these things are possible if you follow the right path. I have already reached most of my wish list and I did it without being rich. If you become a teacher of your niche and help others you are becoming a mentor, someone that can express good fortune, a better future and a route to a clearer more in-depth mind for the success of others. Think about what is needed to achieve an online status as an entrepreneur.

TEFL Teachers can Earn a Great Living Online

A lot of my learning progression dates back to writing lesson plans for Social Classes for new students to study at the school. I became a role model and a teacher but I knew I had reached a point where it was about time I made my own business so here I am today sharing my life with you about it at Freedom to Roam Marketing.

Being a teacher in China I was always asked out for meals and nightclubs and KTV (Karaoke) with my business English students and to be honest being an expensive school to study at I knew the students could afford to treat me for my hard work in class and it made my life in Changshu, China a memory to last.

If you don’t try new ideas or listen to those that have reached a new level you can’t expect to achieve on that level. I have written over 150 posts for free to offer you a route to success. I don’t expect the whole world to be attracted to what I teach but I do expect many to follow my direction.

About Making Money Online

It’s not a difficult route to learn lots about subjects that mean making money online without investing too much money. Let me explain to you how it can be done even with the costs of hosting, training and the need for plugins and widgets to run your website’s forms and subscription services.

You can do it on a budget and, moreover, If you have the know-how for free. If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or post here onsite I will always reply to guide you on anything you need to know

I’m a proud person these days and express to others the difficulties in life some face, after all, I once suffered from a lack of direction. I am aware that no direction often means less motivation and for me, I see the people around me who are stuck on a  sinking ship.

Now, I have arrived at a place that has really opened the secret doors for me as far as training goes I am 100% motivated and I want you to witness the same element of successful training.

Free Entrepreneur Certification Training

You can join me on the training platform to be able to write extremely well and deliver content to customers around the world.

I hope you found meeting me has enlightened you for a better future. I hope these few sentences have been helpful to realise there is always something around the corner from where you can establish yourself and become a success. This goes out to every single person you know that lacked motivation or doubted you.

it’s time to jump-start your future and there is no time like today so let’s move on. As I always say there is no time like the present to find the pace to succeed and jump on board. Many times it’s difficult to keep up the pace of writing, however, choosing a niche that sells, and interests your customer makes the rest easy.

I knew previous upgrades to Google’s algorithms and constant changes towards affiliate marketing as a whole would not be easy unless I had a team, a community or a good organisation that revolved around the internet marketing scene to help others.

If you join me today, you have joined a league of true webmasters that want to help you win. I’m going to help you meet some of the best people I know in the industry that will give you a hand in setting up your business.

It’s all About The Proof in the Pudding (Read Around Freedom to Roam Marketing)

If you doubt me then continue to read some of my material here on Freedom to Roam Marketing and my other two websites, it’s all for free and I am open to your ideas about affiliate marketing. Everything I have mentioned is part of the learning game. I can drive motivation and momentum into your future through content mentorship because that is my niche and I know the direction you need to be in.

I have had success as far back as 2002 from my earlier years of teaching English and owning internet businesses. It never worked out and I know today the reason why. I wasn’t ready and neither was the internet ready for me to claim the position I am at today. I am far more motivated, healthier, happy and ready to teach, however this time it’s not in the classroom.

Bondi BeachI have owned several businesses online, some worked out and some failed but I remember most of the practices that made my businesses work when I needed them to. I know those businesses would be still online today if I knew then what I know today. Don’t burn yourself out too soon lesson number on. Learn from your mistakes, not from others who no little about making businesses online work.

One by one my businesses were decreasing because I found the ones that worked for me and those that didn’t. I don’t cross over information about how many businesses I have owned but that’s because I have been let down via a partnership to host and help me launch campaigns. I forgive him because he is someone that is close to me and always will be.

Driving Ambition & Motivation

I drive ambition and motivation into all of my posts to help you understand change and also about trends that are happening right now so you don’t lose out on one single business that you launch. If you respond to me and follow my path to become a better writer the rest will follow and your content writing will improve for your next step towards success.

Please Subscribe to my newsletter and promotion emails on how and where you can succeed as a free starter and reap the rewards as a well-tunes affiliate marketer.

Thanks for learning about me, my ambitions, and some of my past on how I have helped others. Let this time now be yours so that I can mentor you on the world’s largest affiliate training platform and community.

23 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Wow.

    You’ve had quite the journey, I must admit. Your story carries with it, a whole lot of motivational drive . the kind that makes one stay determined even through tough and trying times. I’m glad you recovered from the illness and now back on track. May I ask though, what working schedule do you believe is ideal? Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Rhian,

      I think three hours a day is good but I’m working all weekend every weekend at the moment as I have group meetups with friends to show them how to do an online business start-up in the week. I used to work from dusk till dawn from 8 am until 8 pm but that’s how I got ill so now I work as and when I feel good enough to be in the mood to write good content. With my job, it’s not really about writing reviews more about driving traffic to WA.

      Please read this to help you! Conquer the Negativity for Your Affiliate Marketing to Success

  2. I am happy you are not relenting regardless health issues and all. So many people would give up because of such. However, affilaite marketing is a really nice online business idea and i am very familiar with it. Some people fail as a result of little knowledge of it before venturing into it. I hope to see some really exciting article from your site. Cheers.

    • Hi Rod,

      selling a dream is never easy because so many people have been promised that hence I did a WA  scam article to see what would happen from where I kept people guessing if it was or not but from the third paragraph  I had to tell people the truth mode that it is the best place for the nicest people or those that want to change that have been ripped off on other platforms or those that have some time and love for others.

      In Friendship 


  3. Hi Stephen,
    Thank you for sharing your story with us. You seems very strong person and it’s awesome that you have continued to follow your goals.
    I also want to work from my laptop and travel the world. So I will definitely come back to read your site content and learn how to do it.

    • HI Panenva,

      ahh bless you my it’s all about not taking it all on in one day you’re young enough to give yourself at least a few months to achieve a little before you get the taste for a lot so take your time and you know I’m here for you at all times to support that. My advice for you is simple enough to just enjoy your journey and make it feel good for you until you give it your full attention and make a full-time income. I have a post for you to read before you go hope you like it it’s for you. Your Affiliate Marketing Accomplishment | A New You!

      In Friendship


  4. Hello Stephen,
    You really got my attention when you expressed how you left the United Kingdom with no money but your laptop in your bag. Although you did not give the details that followed, but I want to believe that al through you lived the laptop life style.

    I have read so many entrepreneurs claiming they rose to the moon in th twinkling of an eye, but I appreciate how you locked yourself for almost a year creating products that are beneficial to others

    • Hi Parameter,

      I had to learn to unwind to start with mate and then traveled Southeast Asia for 7 weeks and then Ozz for a year where I began my journey into marketing with a marketing company from here I started a hotel booking system for Thailand in my own time which made enough mobey t travel for another year then I got ill and went back to Uk and lost the lot until now.

      I’m helping people with the harsh side of building a business to alleviate the hardship to make WA’s mission smoother. Don’t forget to read this post Do You Want to Quit Your Job for A Laptop Lifestyle?

      In Friendship


  5. I must say that you are someone with great goals and also someone who has great value place on his self. I see you have picked up a lot of skills over the years and it has really help you pull through……I like the fact that you have priorities…..For me this is a eye opener as a newbie I would know how to arrange this on my journey.

    • Hi David,

      I have seen it all in affiliate marketing and lived abroad and done the laptop lifestyle stuff and have to say it’s the best life ever but I was so involved with it I forgot to go home for 5 years and by the time I did I was so far changed for my family and friends to communicate to they lost connection with me and still have, I an internet ghost. lol

      In Friendship


  6. Thank you for the posy. As a start up I like to read posts like this to keep me motivated. How long dit it take you to make it a full time job? I would like to leave my 9-5 and do affiliate marketing full time. Great work on getting through your medical condition. In today’s world with all yhe stress and running, it is easy to become ill,and very hard to get healed. 

    • Hi Martin,

      It took me ages to get over my illness it was all due to my childhood and also my lifestyle when I was in my 20’s I was a bit of a raver dancing in fields but I’m sure you get my drift. I’m 100%  now just thinking about going to Mexico for a year to do some free teaching and working my online stuff from overseas. It took me a long time to get good business and I lost the lot once but I’m back now to make us all follow the right path.

      In Friendship


  7. Hi Stephen, Interesting to know about your long learning experience in affiliate marketing. Your never give up attitude will take you to new heights. You have made the right choice of pursuing affiliate marketing driven through content writing as people are continuously looking online for information to help them solve their problems.

    With your resolve to help people with affiliate marketing will make your online journey a rewarding one. Wishing you all success in your online journey.

  8. Hi Stephen! I have always wanted to visit Thailand. I love Thai food and have been getting acquainted with the culture. It’s nice to learn you have been supporting yourself working online while you have been there. It encourages me even more to build an online monthly stream of income.

    It was nice to get acquainted with you.

    • Hi Ann,

      I miss Thailand so much after spending five years there and even now I can’t even imagine how much money I could have now had I have kept my hotel booking affiliate website for hotels in Thailand. I know you’re going to have to work hard Ann but I’m by your side if you need help just never ever give up.

      In friendship


  9. I was definitely cracking up over the viagra sales story!  

    On a more serious note, I’m glad that mental illness doesn’t have the stigma that it used to.  When we stare how we are feeling in the face and learn why we are feeling that way, it takes a lot of fear out of the situation and, opens us up to healing.

    While my reasons are many for starting my own online business, helping others was always my main focus.  I just have to practice taking care of myself as well as I treat others.  You can’t just say it or, think it, it has to be a practice.

    Thank you for sharing your story.  I also wanted to say I used to sell wholesale jewelry and beads from Thailand as well (before I ever had a computer lolz.)  I was able to give back large percentages of earnings to the creators and, their families.  I live my life in that vein and, it’s reflected in my online business as well.

    • Hi Fyre,

      it seems me and you have a lot in common, I used to get my jewelry from Chiangmai in northern Thailand. Thanks for your support on the previous illness it still holds on to me but I shake it off now as I can control it thanks heavens. Yeah, that joke about Viagra that actually happened with the Thai’s on the floor above me as I went up to their floor and told then STFU after trying to get me to smoke some weed.

      No worries about sharing my story I’m opened minded and have time for others to read about me and for them to open up to me as you have a little. I kind of miss living in Thailand with my GF and our visits to JJ market to sell candles, yeh that’s right we had a candle business to lol

      Most of the people back in 2002 at some point were all selling something on the internet, oh if only I still have had my hotel booking website I would be laughing now but I’m doing ok as it stands so it’s all good. hey, Fyre keeps in touch mate I’m always up for a chat.

      In Friendship 


      • Will do!
        It’s important we all support each other as best we can.
        Plus, laughter is just good medicine! If I don’t get my daily dose, I’m lost.

        I’m going to keep on keeping on right there with ya!

        • Hi Fyre

          It’s really good to have a community that sticks together and helps out. I hope that your affiliate business goes well and that you find a good ranking on the search engines. Keep up with the training and you’ll get there soon.

          In Friendship


  10. hello dear,
    I must say that you did an amazing job on putting up so much effort in building such an amazing website, I love you seal and effort you’re putting up such a useful in each and I look forward to visiting your blog more often so that I could see what you got to offer.. keep up the good work and stay safe

    • I have built quite a few websites this is my fave at the moment. I’ve put a lot of promotion for other businesses on my websites but for this website just one. Thanks for visiting my website and commenting. Stay safe too 🙂

  11. What a fascinating story – it’s very humble of you to share it and I can relate to a lot of what you say. I’m looking to start my own business online – probably in the self-help / mindful sector. Do you think your experience help me come up with a brand? I’m a bit unsure how to get started and money is tight at the moment.


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