Abandon The Past & Create a Future

I suppose abandon the past might sound a little harsh but it’s not about leaving behind your good memories and the ones you love, more the memories that no longer need to be in your thoughts to progress. At times these thoughts will return but that is due to your experiences at that time which makes you think back and perhaps your thinking you could do better. Don’t let your past haunt your future more utilise it to determine your future in a more eventful experience, always learning and moving forward.

I made a decision to leave the United Kingdom and had researched places I could visit on a five-week open-ended plan from my job. If I were to call my boss from overseas and explain my journey will continue it was fine to leave forever but I had the opportunity also to return and continue to work in the same position if I wished. I never returned and my research on travel beforehand had wanted this because I had planned to progress and move on forever. I will explain more about this later to explore why I knew my life would change for more than the initial planned five weeks.

I researched South East Asia and purchased travel books to assist my journey, the lonely planet was my bible and I kept it with me at all times accompanied with my travelling on a shoestring book and my favourite at that point was Thailand’s Islands and Beaches.

My mind was made up and all my nerves were settled on booking an open-end flight to Thailand with my backpack and travel notebook. It’s essential to have a diary and a business idea notebook with you to jot down your experiences and ideas.

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Time to Travel & Leave Home – Section Three