A Year in The Life of an Affiliate Marketer Review

This is a year in the life of an affiliate marketer review. About a year ago I promised myself that I would write a review about my life as an affiliate marketer showing the ups and downs, the motivational aspects of been an affiliate and the negative effects it had on me at the beginning.

It’s normal to want to give up but it’s one promise I made to myself that this time after one successful time quite some years ago, this time I was here to stay. I welcome you to read a year in the life of an affiliate marketer.

Last year I decided to gain high scores in social tendencies like agreeableness and conscientiousness which are excellent for the motivational aspect of the affiliate marketer. I watch out for red-flag emotions like anger or fear of failure, something I seem to have succeeded to beat today.

At the beginning of my mission to become a successful affiliate I had to think about my health. Some years ago I had a hotel booking system for hotels in Thailand but I became unwell and had to cease my internet marketing plans which meant no more affiliation of products or services. Anyway, that was back in 2006, let’s move back to a year in the life of an affiliate marketer.

A tentative language style for writing could sound wishy-washy, but excessive confidence might come across as arrogant. I’ve agreed to strive for a balance to enlighten my readers just like you and hope that you can become one of my customers to learn from me and the posts on Freedom to Roam Marketing I have written for you.

The Beginning of My New Affiliate Adventure

About a year ago I decided to create a business selling a recruitment platform for teaching English as a Foreign Language. The platform in the form of a website with all the dynamic tools included for hiring was going to sell with a free chosen domain name all included in the price. The website had 40+ functions for hiring teacher’s worldwide.

I joined a platform for training so I could learn how to develop the skills needed to sell my recruitment websites online as a package deal. It all started with reading about various marketing techniques. I read about ten books and decided to enter into a competition to build my sales website to sell my recruitment websites.

The competition was to win a holiday in Bali but first I had to enrol. The training was with a business called the Professional Vagabond. The competition started as a race. The payment system to get onto the course and competition was to be almost like first come first serve basis. Ryan the creator of the competition told us his dream was to make a million people millionaires.

Ryan had researched well and advertised the competition effectively to attract many people to his business in creating a fully automated website or shopping cart that ran itself. I was so excited to be able to get on board and I really thought that this time I would find success.

Basically, the marketing of the competition was based on Ryan Sletcher the business owner creating a count down for us to pay our first recurring payment of $79 to receive and own a shopping cart. All the training was included with live webinars each Tuesday. The shopping cart had all the analytics and tools needed to create a business that I can’t fault and all the training was inside the platform.

Ryan had created an analytic dashboard internal to our shopping cart to show how many points we earned for our success to reach that competitive edge to win a holiday to Bali. The most successful business would be graded on the sales and revenue made. Ryan was an excellent mentor but I struggled to keep up the payments and also the training.

The reason I feel it’s important to mention Ryan and Professional Vagabond is that his story is much like mine last year with fatigue problems and also a car crash that almost had me killed. I was lucky to walk away. My affiliate business selling my recruitment platform was on hold for some time but I still kept up my payments with Ryan. Hear Ryans story below.

Competition Excitement

I was excited to get onto the competition and begin my journey building my website and shopping cart. I had read a lot of material that was mentioned to us by Ryan and the excitement was unreal. I was one person out of many that had gotten onto the training. Ryan in Q&A showed us a video of the launch and told us that the server could crash because so many people had entered into the platform to make the first payment.

Training went well and my website was built over a few months. At first, I was on schedule but then I started to fall behind due to my partner not getting things finalised with my product. I was willing to build the shopping cart and wait for the recruitment website I was selling to be finalised by my business partner.

Eventually, the recruitment platform I was selling was finished but I had fallen behind far too much and worried about not being able to complete the project and then there was the fee each month. I don’t think it was expensive but due to a nasty car crash, I wasn’t able to concentrate on the main prize, the trip to Bali.

I carried on working on my shopping cart as much as I could but my health wasn’t good and I had problems with the fact that Ryan’s platform the one I built my website on had several migrations and upgrades, something that messed my website up. Another problem was the support like via support tickets. Sometimes it would take a day for a support ticket to be answered.

Time the Throw the Towel In – A Year in The Life of an Affiliate Marketer Review

My time was done and it was time to throw the towel in after to much pressure and not been able to make a good living from my recruitment platform that I was selling. The whole lot was almost ready but I wasn’t and my partner who helped me build the recruitment platform pulled out. It was like a dream that was so close having it pulled from under me.

The weeks went by, I bought a new car something after I stretched my finances out to buy it. I still had thoughts of building a new business but didn’t want to accomplish this alone and needed a new platform with training and a great community.

Don’t get me wrong with Professional Vagabond I had learned a lot but I failed which was something I was not happy about. I turned to affiliate marketing from where my life became much easier.

My business called TEFL Art still exists to some extent and I plan to reverse all my problems with building it into a recruitment business for myself, one that I will run in the near future. TEFL Art was the name of the recruitment platforms I was selling. Today I’m super happy to have taken on a new niche and training platform to learn SEO from where I have improved ten-fold.

Looking at the picture below I made my own competition for those that became more involved in my Facebook group in sorting posts as mentors but it was too late I had given up on the project. When I look at that image I think about the past and how much better I am today for writing and learning SEO the right way.

Searching On The Internet In Search of a Great Program

Living a normal life, one of an entrepreneur was always something that made me think. I’m no spring chicken these days and needed to be involved in a project as soon as possible. I found an advert about a platform and business called Wealthy Affiliate. It was so interesting I began a new journey to take a week’s trial and to read the first ten lesson entrepreneurship certification course from where I got hooked.

I have never been happier as I am today. With the finalisation of my first week’s course and my full entrance into a premier membership with Wealthy Affiliate, I felt I was moving forward. I had found something I liked and there was no pressure in completing the training but it is continuously explained to us on the platform’s live chat interface to complete all the training to find success otherwise we may miss something.

A Year in the Life-Creating a Time to be More Organised

My days have now become more organised with writing at least one post a day for my audience and also watching and reading the training. I have now built a couple of websites from the training and have a decent ranking on Google. None of this wouldn’t happen if I had of gave in so I’m delighted to have found the right balance of training with Wealthy Affiliate.

All this happened over a year which for some isn’t a long time but for me its a lifetime. With my failure at Professional Vagabond and my new training at Wealthy Affiliate, I feel it was supposed to be not to mention the money. It’s $30 less to take the training at Wealthy Affiliate which is remarkable considering what you get for your money.

This all happened in a year and it’s easy for me to say even though I have only been with Wealthy Affiliate for 6 months I have a great future ahead of me in the future to launch other affiliate projects within the platform and learn all the lessons that I still need to watch. My message is never to give in on your affiliate projects or nay project internet-based.

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  1. Thank you for your inspirational review.  A year ago I had been poking around the internet looking for opportunities, but my skepticism kept me fro committing until I discovered Wealthy Affiliate.  However, my stumbling block was not having a computer at the time.  I actually tried to do things with my smartphone, but it’s not the same as having a proper keyboard and screen.  I could only get so far with public access computers.  It took several months for me to finally free up the cash, but I came back as soon as I got a new laptop.  The more I dig into this platform, the more I realize the potential.

    Are you currently running your online teachers website?  At some point I want to branch into an online business as well by creating a website through the WA platform.



    • Hi David,

      Thanks for your motivational reply and I’m happy you managed to get your computer ready for your business. Also well done for coming back to Wealthy Affiliate training. It takes some time but training is the best. I still have a lot to cover myself but I have experience from past projects online so I know some of it. 


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