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This blog is extremely important to cover my travel stories and will eliminate too much negativity, even though I feel it’s important to tell my story in full I want It to include adventure and success and how life really can be fantastic when travelling and working abroad. It’s easy to follow me throughout and each important section will be hyperlinked to a soul page that goes into detail about that actual event or theme almost like a book that directs the reader to another adventure, thought or idea.

If you wish to follow this blog, It would be great to hear from you in comments or feel free to join my community from where I will introduce you to like-minded entrepreneurs that have so much to share with you on moving from being unsure about your plans to building a fully-functional marketing business that suits your time and lifestyle and allows you to reach out for a complete mobile business that allows you to have that freedom to roam when and wherever you wish.

So we’ll move on to the first section of my travel stories and guide you towards a complete reason for wanting to venture the world and find a new life. My first success was to plan and contribute my days to research as my mind wandered towards the temptations of not working for anyone for a long time.

Travel & Work Decision – Section One

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